Interesting facts about ARMINO pillows

Are you always very pleased if you can offer some fabulous ideas to mothers, fathers and their kids, as in this case? Breastfeeding pillow ARMINO is Slovakiane handmade product that will definitely become a handy helper for many parents.
Our products are designed from our love for children, passion for parenthood, from obsession with modern design and quality materials. There is a piece of honest manual work and of course a piece of heart.

Kids, moms and dads, everyone loves ARMINO. Our pillows will surely fall in love with your friends and your caring grandparents.
And when the baby grow up, there is no need for throwing out your ARMINO pillow away. It will keep your memories of your youngling in it’s softness and comfort although you still got a great looking pillow for your travels.

How are breastfeeding ARMINO pillows used?
- You can simply swing the pillow on any hand, put the baby on the pillow so it’s perfectly cozy in your lap and you can comfortably breastfeed, feed with the bottle, travel, just sit and relax or sleep with a child in your arms.



Where can ARMINO be used?
- At home (on the couch, at the table, on the terrace, on the bed, on the fit ball)
On the go (in a car, on an airplane, on a train, on a beach, in a park, in a shop)

ARMINO is designed to fit easily into most diaper bags. You can also used just our travel bag which is part of the pillow for travel.



How to care for the pillow? 

Minky is a luxury and soft fabric. 
You can wash at 30 degrees.

Wring set as small as possible
speed. Don't iron.



Quality is guaranteed!
All materials passed
certified by Oeko Tex
Standard 100/1
(attestation for children under 3 years of age).

Made in Slovakia. ARMINO is designed and made in Slovakia.
They create handy hands
our team with years of experience.


Weight as an apple.
The weight is about 300 g
Universal size for each hand.
approx. 28 x 19 x 14 cm